Jeju Sin-gwa-se-gut, or first ritual of the new (lunar) year, is held to honor a village’s patron gods; the shaman entreats the gods for a propitious year, performs divination to receive the gods’ response, and facilitates a blessing for the village leaders. Devotees bring bountiful offerings which typically include fruit (three colors: apple, pear, and orange are common), grilled fish, a bowl of rice or stack of glutinous rice cakes, and a hard-boiled egg, as well as libation.

SAMSUNGSongdang Village ritual, Shaman Jung Tae-jin presiding.



Songdang villagers’ offerings, beneath spirit-tree and before spirit-house.SAMSUNGWaheul Village ritual, Shaman Kim Sun Ok presiding.




Blessing the leaders of Waheul Village.SAMSUNGOfferings of Waheul villagers.